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About GreatShul


My name is Assaf Auerbach. I’m a web developer. I’m also the gabai of Tel Aviv’s central synagogue ‘Ichud Shivat Zion’, and a member of its board of directors .

From my years in this synagogue, I have realized that, to be relevant and keep in touch with the growing community and its needs, and in order to attract more members and congregants, we need to take advantage of modern technology and make ourselves available electronically – Internet, Smart Phones, etc.

I have looked into this problem and tried to find a solution which will benefit my synagogue and be user friendly for others who have minimal computer skills. To this end, I have decided to develop a synagogue website, initially for my own synagogue, and then for any other synagogue that can benefit from it. I call this platform ‘GreatShul’.

GreatShul is easy to maintain complite synagogue web site .

GreatShul is a web application designed especially for synagogues to help them maintain ongoing communication with their communities over the web platform and via Smart phones etc.

GreatShul has been developed as the result of extensive research into synagogue community needs.

The Main Goals of the GreatShul website are:

My hope is that the GreatShul website will offer an excellent web platform from which a convenient way will be offered to bring information to synagogue communities.